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Spa Spa Services

Most people hold this very wrong notion about spa treatments! They have a tendency to restrict it to facials and body massages only! But in reality, spas have a much broader variety of treatments.

Yoga Yoga

Yoga is a complete system of spiritual development. Like Ayurveda, it intertwines perfect balance into body, mind and spirit.

Detox Detox

Detoxification helps your body cleanse and feel vibrant throughout the changing seasons. From yoga poses to healthy foods, these Ayurvedic detox tips get you to feeling your best self safely.

@Amruthsparsh Accomodation

AmruthSparsh Center offers extensive range of guest facilities to make ideal Wellness Centre. With quality services, comforts and facilities in peaceful environment, you will be comfortable and sure to enjoy the experience.

Popular Procedures

  • Abhyangam

    Abhyangam is specialized ayurvedic gentle body massage done with Medicated oil with paricular strokes for duration of 45 minutes followed by Swedhanam(Steam) . Abhyangam nourishes the body, re-vitalises nervous system, overcomes fatigue, relieves bodyaches retards ageing process and bestows long life.

  • Shirodhara


    Is a process where herbal oils / medicated milk / butter milk or kashayas are poured on the forehead for about 45 minutes. This treatment helps in insomnia, vaata rogas, mental stress, anxiety, depression, greying of hair and hairfall etc.,

  •  Njavara Kizhi

    Njavara Kizhi

    It is used to treat Nervous system disorders,Spinal cord degeneration,Chronic rheumatism,Emaciation,Cerebral palsy,Poliomyelitis,Muscular dystrophy,Muscle wasting and Fatigue syndrome, Hyper pigmentaion by massaging with rice bolus bags

  •  Obesity and Weight Management

    Obesity and Weight Management

    Ayurvedic Treatment plays a very Intrinsic role in the weight loss process of the patient as it combines drugs,treatment,diet regimen and exercise.Ayurveda deals with balancing of Tridoshas by eliminating excess fat(Medhas) and Kapha Dosha.